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The Baglio Donna Franca was the center of the Florio marsala wine production. Constructed around a fifteenth-century tower that was converted into the main residential area, the Baglio has a center courtyard and a cantina. Unfortunately, the Florio family got caught in a combined downdraft of a speculative move into finance and an economic crisis in Sicily and had to sell everything they owned to avoid bankruptcy just before the turn of the century.


When Giacomo and Paola bought the Baglio Donna Franca a hundred years later, it was dilapidated. They set out to restore not just the Baglio, but the vineyards. An enologist trained to do scientific research, Giacomo found local clones, grafted new vines, and planted native grapes in the traditional way with the varieties mixed in the vineyards. His goal was to make pre-British wine as he explains in this video in his cellar at Donna Franca…noting that wine has been made in Marsala since the Phoenicians brought it 3,000 years ago.


Ansaldi, the company was born from the cultural heritage, identity, research and passion for wine.Ingredients that Giacomo Ansaldi, winemaker and historical researcher, was able to dose and enhance. The farm Ansaldi, with the aim to rediscover and enhance the identity of a unique territory through a production system fully sustainable and organic, from the vineyard to the bottle. Our wines come exclusively from indigenous varieties such as Insolia, Catarratto, Zibibbo, Grillo, Perricone and Nero d'Avola. We produce, in full respect of the environment, a range of organic wines and products such as extra virgin olive oil, the ancient grain flour, orange marmalade, and tangerine. with the aim to enhance our territory and its unique characteristics, through the love and passion for our traditions.


The company's production philosophy is the perfect combination of techniques of the past and modern technologies; each variety is vinified respecting its characteristics and peculiarities so that they can give their best. Giacomo Ansaldi is the winemaker farm and driving with patience and devotion to each step within the Baglio historic cellar. This gives rise to organic wines that best describe the uniqueness and peculiarities of the territory and the intrinsic characteristics of the vines.





Cépage: 50% Grillo + 40% Zibibbo + 10% Catarratto

Format: 750 ML (C6)






Cépage: 50% Perricone + 50% Nero d'Avola

Format: 750 ML (C6)