From the slopes of
Mount Etna to your table.

Agrosan was set up in 1995 with the aim of delivering genuine handcrafted “Sicilian rosoli” to homes worldwide. The company has grown from small-scale to large-scale distribution but still adheres to its core idea of traditions and values achieved by selecting and using 100% natural organic products, and adopting simple and refined packaging. Today Agrosan reflects the quality and features of Sicilian soil and pays great attention to all the productive processes, including the timeless process of peeling by hand. Agrosan is a real and proper, successful, sentimental journey to revive flavors reminiscent of the past. A journey that set out to accomplish a dream and is driven by Agrosan’s passion for on-going research and development.


The process follows the hundred-year-old traditional recipe and utilizes the best raw materials obtained from a selection of over fifteen herbs and aromatic plants. The raw material is carefully washed and the aromas skillfully extracted before the aromas are mixed with water-sugar based syrup. The solution is left to mature for over two months to express the full potential and intensely spiced flavor of our Amaro dell’Etna.


Our Amaro dell’Etna has its roots on the slopes of Mount Etna in Sicily where more than twenty-six herbs and aromatic plants grow. Its special recipe embodies the volcanic nature of the Sicilian soil and even after over one hundred years still conveys an authentic and traditional taste. From its origins in 1901 to the present day our digestif has been enjoyed by lovers of good liqueurs and has been appreciated for its delicious spiced taste. Its authentic character is the result of the careful selection of unique ingredients based on a particular mixture of herbs and aromatic plants. It excels as an after-dinner digestif or can be served as an aperitif with ice, soda and a slice of orange.

We are unique because we...



Digestivo d'Erbe Naturale

Est. 1901


Format: 700 ML (6)

Alcool: 30%