The old people are our example, every day we
speak the language of
their fathers, listen to the advice about cultivating the vineyards

Only by living in different and far-away places for long periods can we measure ourselves against others and become more aware of what is around us. And in this way, just as when we look at a picture from the right distance and the right angle, the tiniest details of our day to day existence are thrown into focus giving us the energy to carry on. So that living in Sicily becomes a conscious choice, and any attempt to describe the reasons why is as complex as our very existence. Many families here are rooted in the land and from an early age we consider living in the country as normal, we can’t help but see ourselves as an integral and inseparable part of the land. We start with passion and we continue, because of year after year, sometimes attaining and sometimes merely coming close to the goals we set ourselves, we find the motivation to do better. We are in the Bastonaca district, where the cultivation of wine grapes predominates and old and new winemakers are especially familiar with the nero d'avola and frappato. 


The old people are our example, every day we speak the language of their fathers, listen to advice about cultivating the vineyards, aware that these words are not to be found in any book but are simply the fruit of the 70 harvests they have witnessed. At the same time, we keep our eyes on a market that is moving and changing rapidly and we delight in the contented faces of the people tasting our wines, a reward for all our hard work.  All this acts as a catalyst and it makes us feel as though we are part of everything that is typically Sicilian and yet belongs to the modern world.







Cépage: 100% Frappato

Format: 750 ML (C6)

Alcool: 13%