Penne Rigatte

TIMILIA (TRITICUM DURUM): rich flavor and strong aroma give
our pasta unmistakable characteristics;


The Tumminia durum wheat has been cultivated in Sicily for thousands of years. The wheat is sown in March and harvested
in June after a short maturing period. The Timilia or Tumminia
wheat does not need much water but extreme heat. 

The property of this wheat is a low gluten content. After harvesting
the wheat is ground with millstones in a certified organic mill. 
Pasta made from Tumminia wheat is of high quality and free of genetically modified products. The nutritional value of this pasta
is particularly high.



The stone-ground flour: Quality and Benefits 
The technique of grinding stone is the oldest method, and still unsurpassed in the production of high quality flours. The low speed
of the movable grinding does not elevate the temperature during
the grinding and this allows you to avoid the "cooking" of the flour,
all while preserving the organoleptic quality and the color "gray" original kernel. Keeping intact the seed, whilst keeping the seed,
thus guaranteeing perfumes complex, more flavor and preserve all the beneficial properties found in wheat. The flour molita stone is, therefore, rich in substances such as proteins, vitamins (B1, B2, PP, B6), magnesium, calcium, iron and other minerals. E 'is also highly digestible because of poor gluten.